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Helsinki Open is a global investment consortium investing in a variety of industries and continents seeking profitable ideas that need funding and high expertise in the business world. It has the flexibility to operate as an Angel Investor, Venture Capitalist or as a Private Equity both in a minority or majority status and also funds business ideas via Crowdfunding.
We are working with entrepreneurs, management teams and other key stakeholders to get the most out of their start-up business or to help them make their companies the best they can be providing them with a solid capital base.The investors who participate in Helsinki Open are highly expertized in the business world, with a variety of experience and are always Open to new ideas. They possess a wide network of connections in several sectors which can prove to be very useful for a company seeking clients, staff, as well as strategic partners and investors.

Angel Investor

Helsinki Open invests globally in business ventures, providing capital for start-ups or businesses seeking expansion. We are filling the gap between the financing provided by family or friends and Banks. Helsinki Open is not just investing money in interesting ideas but also adds the experience its members have acquired via their lifelong experience in the business world.

Private Equity – Venture Capital

Helsinki Open invests in a wide range of industries and continents both as a Private Equity, medium to long-term financing using buy-out and buy-in, or as a Venture Capital, medium to long-term financing of companies in early stage or in expansion).
We are providing businessmen and businesswomen with the capital to realize their start-up business idea or to expand their companies. We identify value on business ideas and enhance their performance by providing patient capital and partnering with strong management teams. This capital helps the Companies we are financing launch new business initiatives, make game-changing acquisitions, acquire new technologies and systems to support their long-term plans, expand working capital or to simply strengthen their balance sheet.
Helsinki Open provides more than just financing. We seek to make the companies we invest in stronger through a strategy of overall change and best practices acquisition. We also bring the know-how of our Investors to provide strategic advice on organizational and operational improvements, revenue growth purchasing and leadership development.


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