Venture Capital Do’s and Don’ts

Venture Capital Do’s and Don’ts

Project Description:


  • Base the projections on realistic assumptions.
  • Be concise, but complete.
  • Be positive and enthusiastic about your company and product/service.
  • Clearly explain the opportunity.
  • Document how the products are different and better than what is available.
  • Keep trying.
  • Know your minimum deal and be prepared to walk away, if necessary.
  • Let experienced business people read and critique your plan, testing it for clarity and reasonableness.
  • Make a full disclosure of the possible pitfalls as well as the strengths.
  • Proofread carefully to make certain there are no errors in grammar or math.
  • Put together a strong management team.
  • Remember this is a long term relationship.
  • Research the investment criteria of the venture capitalists to ensure that what you offer is what they are looking for.
  • Take time to study and understand competitors, addressing their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Widen your network of contacts to give you more avenues of approach.


  • Avoid answering questions.
  • Focus on the technology (leaving out mention of the market, the competition, the customers)
  • Give up.
  • Have any typos, errors, repetition, junky charts.
  • Make exaggerated claims about the product or the management.
  • Predict you will capture “2% of a billion-dollar market…”
  • Press for immediate decisions.
  • Send the first draft of your business plan to the venture capitalists.
  • Use four significant digits anywhere.

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